Friday, August 10, 2012

Domain You Wish is Lips with a Red Lipstick

You Wish...
I can feel that the spirit in me is dying. 
Being trapped in something I never even dreamed before, 
living someone else's life for my own good as my own ransom note.I am looking for the right bright light to show me my original path, not this wrong path I am stepping into. 
I am waiting for the cool breeze to wake me up from this nightmare, to breathe the air of freedom, to become someone I could have been if my spirit had not died. 
To see the flowers bloom in the warmth of the sun, 
to touch the clouds in the fresh air, to hear the wind whispers quietly as I close my eyes. And to be the part of something special, to be a part of this world on its good side.
To dream and never stop believing. To light the rest of my life with love and hope and faith. To be someone's friend. To be remembered as someone who gives. To be the king of my own life. To reach out the sky and fly above my thoughts. 
And to stay eternal against the crime of time. Lastly, to feel alive as if I am born for the second time with those chances given.