Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Domain Cute Angel Tweety

Cute Angel Tweety...
Tweetie Bird. A big yellow bird with blue eyes. He has an old lady as keeper, who is oblivious of the bird's speaking ability. His speaking ability, though is marred, as though he were fed paint chips instead of regurgitated worms. You might mistake the bird as retarded hearing him talk, but Tweetie has proven that he is far from cat food. Were his intonations regarding the cat pre-meditated? Or was it just dumb luck? Although caged, the bird seems to have no trouble escaping his confines, and it's his attacker who enables his escape. How come they both have speech impediments? It's because when Sylvester isn't trying to eat Tweetie, they are drinking together. They've both suffered from the stroke, and not necessarily the stroke of genius, especially not Sylvester. Tweetie finds brilliance in his innocence. His cage is an illusion, he stays there because he gets free meals.